Dedicated Internet

Connect unleash the potential of the Internet by making vast quantities of bandwidth an affordable reality for your business. Our unique ability to provide a higher performing service at a lower price makes Connect an obvious choice.

Committed Internet Access

We assure committed internet access for virtual circuits to work under normal conditions at all times.

Dedicated IP Address

We provide uniquely identifiable network addresses for your business needs.

Unlimited Downloads

Get unlimited downloads in the form of variety of packages we offer and enjoy your time with ultimate peace of mind.

Dedicated Internet for Business

Dedicated Internet Image

Connect is ranked among the top five networks in the City. Our Internet access is dedicated, non-oversubscribed and backed by one of the best SLAs available. Indeed, Connect is a refreshing change from your traditional internet provider. Right from the start, we will impress you with our simple product, to rapid service installation, to proactive customer support. Our ability to provide reliable, yet affordable bandwidth has turned thousands of businesses and consumers into loyal fans.

Connect provides On-Net Internet access to thousands buildings directly connected to our IP backbone. In these buildings, Connect optical fiber physically runs through the building.

Connect provides Off-Net Internet access to all over Karachi. Off-Net traffic also runs over the Connect network, but a partner tail circuit connects the customer premise to our IP backbone. Off-Net service allows us to extend our reach exponentially, making Connect service available to hundreds of additional businesses.

Product Features

Rapid Installation

We provide rapid installation to our valued customers, by optimizing the working processes to avoid time delays and other related issues.

Simple Handoff

No special wiring. No disruptions. No delays. Just a simple Ethernet / Fiber-Optic handoff and nothing more.

Full SLA

Our Service Level Agreement guarantees 99.9% network availability using redundant links and appliances throughout the network.

Customer Support

Our technical experts and professionals provide support via email and telephonic calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Comprehensive Reporting

We make comprehensive reports after resolving each complain, & it is presented to customer on request.

Easy Billing

With flat rate pricing, each port and virtual circuit is billed at the same rate each month, with no hidden surprises.